If you do this training, and buy into this training, and apply this training, this could be your last training. It’s just that good.
— Bobby Waters, Assistant Director of Community Residential Services at Creative Options, Inc.

Coaching Training Designed for Human Services

In Human Services, we are asking workers to coach the people they support. But who is coaching the workers? In our Coaching Training Program, we train staff, supervisors, and leaders to embed coaching in everything they do, so that coaching is modeled from the top down.

Our training is participative, hands-on, and fun. We teach a Coaching Mindset and Skillset that enables participants to feel comfortable in the Coach Approach immediately. Our material is constantly evolving and adapts to each organization's needs and challenges.

We know that your organization has plenty of options when it comes to training. We believe that our expertise and philosophy set us apart. 


This two day coaching training was designed by Beth Greenland as a part of the ACCWIC Federal Grant in 2010.  The Grant was administered through the University of Maryland School of Social Work, and Beth was subcontracted to the school to design the training.

The 2-day coaching design is available in the public domain; you can google ACCWIC coaching and you can access it.  As part of the public domain, we understand we cannot copyright it or sell the training design; we do offer consulting and training support to implement the design. We are happy to have conversations with organizations or agencies that are interested in implementing the training with or without consultant assistance. We are proud of the design and are happy that it is out in the world!

Our Coaching training Expertise

Who We Are

Combining expertise in coaching and content

Our facilitators have decades of experience both as professional coaches and as members of the human service community. While each one of us brings different skills, we all have solid foundations in the importance of human services and the power of coaching. This allows us to model effective coaching in-the-moment, and share stories of the impact a coaching culture can create.

Creators of a model used across the united states

The early version of our coaching training model was federally funded, and is currently being used by Child Welfare Organizations across the United States. This is a tested model; it has produced demonstrable results in organization culture and service to clients. 

emphasizing human services values and connecting to person-centered practice

Effective human services are founded on the values of respect, inclusiveness, and supporting client autonomy. Our coaching training puts these values at the very center. We have dedicated our careers to fostering these values in ourselves and the organizations we support.

Our Training Philosophy

Redefining Help and Support

Some people view coaching as something that's done to get other people to do what you want them to do. We view coaching as something else - changing the way we frame helping from "having all the answers" to developing the capacity of others to resolve their own challenges. This makes coaching a valuable tool to build critical thinking, autonomy and empowerment.

Creating Conditions for training to continue without us

Train-The-Trainer Model for Lasting Impact

We are really committed to this coaching approach, and our goal is for your organization to take coaching forward without the need of our support. We offer training materials for internal coaching champions within your organization to become facilitators, who eventually take over the role of offering coaching training within your organization. We aim to help you change your organization, not to create a dependence on us. 

Mindsets and Skillsets without losing who you are

We spend time not just teaching how to use the Coach Approach, but we spend time talking about why it's so important. It takes a Coaching Mindset to implement the skillset effectively. We talk about when and when not to coach, and how to coach while preserving your relationships with staff and clients. We'll never ask you to be someone you're not.

Real Coaching Real Issues

We give our participants hours of practice coaching real issues that are happening now, both at work and at home. Participants will walk away from our training with actual plans to move forward in complex challenges as a result of being coached by a peer in their organization. When people feel excited and empowered to use what they've learned in coaching conversations, it creates excited and empowered coaches that can carry the process forward throughout their organization.

Program design that fits your organization

Every organization is different and comes with different needs and expectations. We work with you after each training to ask you what's working, what isn't, and how can we work together in the future so that you can get the results you want. We encourage organizations to develop their own materials and examples along with us, so that every training speaks directly to a unique audience.

Coaching Training Details

  • Two Full Training Days per session
  • Pre- and Post-Training Conversations to Ensure the Program's Longterm Success
  • Training Materials Included for Building Internal Facilitators from All Levels of the Organization
  • Ongoing Consulting and Training Support
  • First Two Sessions are Packaged Together to Ensure Commitment and Sustainability
  • Personalizing Training Content to Fit Your Organization and its Challenges
  • Supporting New Champions To Facilitate with Enthusiasm and Authenticity